Be Aware of Financial Fraud and put on Necessary Measures to counter them

Be Aware of Financial Fraud and put on Necessary Measures to counter them

Wherever there is money, there is always someone waiting to take advantage of such a situation to get the money in a fraudulent way. Developing from this idea, as seniors, you need to know that you are at greater risk of financial fraud than younger generations. There are a number of reasons why you should get a 2020 Medicare advantage plans comparison @ http://www.medicareadvantageplans2020.orgThe first reason is that as a senior, you may tend to think that everybody that comes your way as a financial advisor is an angel. This is the time when you will start entrusting someone with your finances only to realize that they are fraudsters.

Ways of reducing fraud risks

There are a number of ways in which you can reduce risks associated with fraud. The first way is giving an order where the banks can be able to detect such fraud and confirm if you are aware of such activities. Sometimes, fraudsters whom we have entrusted our financial accounts may breach the security codes outlines by banks. Such a breach could be determined by fraud alert systems through the bank. Sometimes fraudsters could attempt to withdraw a huge sum of money from your bank account only for you to be notified of such a plan. It is important, therefore to put in place orders where you can be notified of any attempted fraud.

Entrust a single trusted individual with your accounts

It is very important to make sure that as you age continues to add up, a trustable member of the family should be chosen so as to be in charge of all your financial accounts. The responsibilities of such an individual will be managing your accounts by ensuring that bills and other expenses are paid on time, checking whether there are fraudulent activities or attempts any given time and even advising you on the balances and the rate of usage of your money.

Ask the bank to be your accounts administrators

Sometimes, when there is not one person to trust, it is better to make your primary bank as the administrator of your account. In so doing, you will be instructing the bank to be paying your bills, handling other crucial financial obligation as well as create as security alert whenever there is a fraudulent attempt. This is one of the best way to handle you finances and financial account payments as well.

Simple Tips For Older Individuals To Organize Their Financial Records

Simple Tips For Older Individuals To Organize Their Financial Records

For you to remain on top of your personal financial management as you age, you must be able to remain organized in matters finance. Failure to organize your financial records can lead to loss of some of them. Besides, some of them can get damaged. In the worst case scenario, some may be stolen too, and this will jeopardize your savings and investments. Like many seniors across the world, you might be struggling with how to organize your financial records. If that is the case, then these simple tips will get you started.

  1. Store original financial records and documents is a home safe

Any important financial record or document that would not be easy to replace should go straight into your home safe. In most countries, such records may include copies of deeds and wills, ownership tittles, and household goods’ inventory. You may be wondering why I am including household goods’ inventory. Well, you will need it for insurance purposes.

  • Set up a good filing system

You need to file important financial documents, such as your financial statements and bills. Organize regular financial statements and monthly bills statements a file by the account or by the month. You can stick with expanding files or hanging files depending on your preference. When you are organizing your financial records by account, you should arrange them in chronological order in each file. This will make it easier for you to find them later when you need them Add a supplement plan to your system here

  • Respond to any issues with your credit card

In the event that there is a dispute, you usually have a short time to resolve it. So, take care of such issues within the shortest time possible. After reconciling your financial statements, you can then save it in a computer or in your file. This depends on whether you have received your bill manually or electronically.

  • Shred the records and documents you don’t need

You can keep your bank documents for as long as you want. However, they could be no need to keep them for years. In most cases, you can always use them within the six months period from the time you received them. If any document or record has outlived its importance, you can go ahead a shred them. Destroying your financial documents is very necessary, and you should never throw them away. Otherwise, the information they contain might be used to still your identity, and you might be the next victim of financial fraud.

10 Travel Destinations for Senior Citizens:

10 Travel Destinations for Senior Citizens:

Those people who are already entered in old age especially over 65 years, can take advantage of some offers when traveling. Thus, here we offer the selection of countries to which one can travel with very favorable conditions for people who are even over 65 years of age plus a companion, accompanied by expert guides and in high-quality accommodation. Stay healthy for your vacation with a medicare supplement plan

Here are the top 10 travel destinations for elderly people:


1. Romania:

IT is medieval architectural jewels such as the castles of Transylvania, the monasteries of Bucovina or incredible landscapes among the Carpathians.

2. St. Petersburg and Moscow:

These are the two most important capitals of Russia which are worth visiting once in your lifetime. It has museums house some of the most important works of art in the world. There are many Palaces such as the Peterhof with its splendid gardens, or the Orthodox churches of Moscow etc.


3. Treasures of Panama:

Located in Central America, Panama, besides the spectacular channel that joins the Atlantic with the Pacific, it is a territory with an almost intact nature, in which the landscapes, its colonial cities, its biodiversity, and its beaches.

4. New York:

The Statue of Liberty, Central Park, Chinatown or Brooklyn exerts a great attraction among travelers, despite the passage of time.


5. China:

The People’s Republic of China is one of the countries that are waking up the most in recent years. The most populated country in the world. It is also one of the greatest attractions in the Far East.

6. Vietnam:

The Asian continent offers one of the greatest contrasts to the European visitor. Among the different options, there is no doubt that you can best perceive the authenticity of its culture.


7. Morocco:

Morocco is undoubtedly one of the best destinations for people over 65 years old. It offers the opportunity to enter into an exotic culture and very different from the one we are used to.

8. South Africa:

SA offers to travelers of this age group to venture into the safari adventure of the African continent in some of the best wildlife sanctuaries of the world.


9. Jordan:

Travelers can get close to the way of life of the Bedouin by camping in the lunar landscape of the Wadi Rum desert, bathing in the waters of the Red Sea which is one of the best places in the world to see the seabed.

10. Arab Emirates:

Dubai and the UAE create fascination in those who visit it. Few places in the world have managed to combine the most innovative modernity with the roots of its traditional culture.

Medicare Supplement and Medicare Advantage

Medicare Supplement and Medicare Advantage

At the beginning of the annual deposit period, it’s a good time to look at the difference between Medicare Advantage, Medicare supplement, and original Medicare. et’s start with the original health care. This is a federal government plan for person above 65 (for example, you may qualify if you are under 65 and disabled). It’s a good policy, but it does not insure everything. There are “loopholes” in the plan. As for Medigap and Medicare insurance supplements, they are identical, designed to cover the “holes” of Medicare.

Medicare supplements are provided by private insurance companies, but unlike individual plans for children below 65, they are identical to those of all insurance companies. That is, “Policy G” is identical to United National Life, Blue Cross and Blue Shield, as is the case at Mutual Omaha. So you do not have to think about it, Aetna’s police are better or Blue Cross is better insured, it’s the same. Now, there are several fonts that provide more or less assurance. For example, “Policy F” provides almost everything. The G policy guarantees everything except the deductible for outpatient consultations, which is $ 162. Obviously, the higher the insurance, the more you will pay in the premium plan.

Let’s talk about Medicare Advantage plans Medicare Advantage fonts are sometimes called MA fonts. These are also offered by private insurance companies, but are funded by the federal government. These policies vary from county to county in terms of supply and premiums. In some countries, you can get a bonus policy for $ 0. Some are $ 100 for the same policy. A police could be available in Will County, in Illinois, but not in DuPage County. Sometimes this can vary to this point. Usually, the maximum available is quite significant. Though some plans cost $ 6,700, others cost $ 3,000. Perhaps this is the most important question I should ask: what is the maximum of this policy? So I could pay if something happened.

Doctors and hospitals, even with the Medicare supplement, accept the policy when accepting Medicare patients. With a Medicare advantage plan, depending on the plan, the doctor may treat it today and not the next day (typically with a PFFS plan). A supplementary Medicare insurance policy in my opinion is a better insurance in all situations; meanwhile, the bills can sometimes force you to adopt a public health policy. If you have purchased the original health insurance simply because you can’t pay the premium of a supplement, the drug insurance policy is a great way to proceed. Medicare Advantage fonts are often referred to as Medicare Part C.

Prescription drug policies are referred to as Part D policies. Some MS policies are accompanied by Part D, known as the MAPD policy. Other policies are not provided with Part D and must be added. Before buying a policy with Part D, you should ask your broker which policy is best for you. Each of them is slightly different for the classification of the drug or premium.

Medicare Advantage vs. Medicare Supplement Companies

Medicare Advantage vs. Medicare Supplement Companies

When you turn 65, you will have some options for your health plan. In the end, the first alternative for senior citizens is the “traditional” Medicare Advantage or Medicare. Even though these 2 government plans are usually considered equal, they are in fact totally distinct. It is not possible to sign up for both at the same time. The first step is to decide which of these plans you will use as your basic health insurance plan. Medicare Advantage (Medicare Part C) policies are Medicare approved and privately managed policies. Some policies are free-of-charge and provide extra benefits which are not added to Medicare. Now, The annual enrollment period is from 15/11 to 31/12. Within this time period, you can change your insurance.

The open registration period is between 1/1 and 3/31. During this time, you can change the strategy. Some policies may also include a prescription drug policy (Part D). As a result, members not only receive high quality health care without the cost of deductibles or high premiums, but have virtually no documentation to process. And at the same time, continue to benefit from more services and medical benefits than Medicare entails an additional cost, or even no minimum cost. The so-called “traditional” Medicare is the most preferred plan, which includes parts A and B. Some of the key benefits associated with this option include:

Benefits of Election: You can select the doctor you are visiting and the hospital of your choice for any appointment or procedure you are having. In general, it is very important that seniors can see the doctor of their choice. Often, they already have a doctor they used in the past and are completely satisfied with it, hence they can’t not deal with changes. Medicare / Medigap Supplement: “Traditional” Medicare enrollees can also benefit from a Medigap supplement or policy to fill the gaps associated with Medicare alone. Only Medicare can cover 80% of approved medical expenses, while you will be responsible for the remaining 20%.

Some, on the other hand, opt for Medicare Advantage, also known as “Medicare Part C”. Between the two options, it’s the least popular for some reasons: Restrictions of choice: In this type of policy, you are limited to hospitals and doctors that you can use. For most people, this fact is quite disturbing. Those who have visited the same physician for a very long time, they are naturally reluctant to change someone who is unfamiliar with them and their medical history. There is no option for Medigap: Senior citizens who sign up for a Medicare Advantage plan via do not qualify to enroll in another Medigap / Medicare plan. For some, this could mean that they will pay more for their long-term medical expenses.

As mentioned earlier, “traditional” health insurance is usually the scope of both projects. Medicare with a complementary health insurance policy tends to provide better and more comprehensive insurance for the elderly. While health care policies are standardized in their services, due to many influences, the state’s additional health care providers will have different prices. It is always advisable to investigate these major insurers before making a final decision on the matter. While health care policies are standardized in their services, due to many influences providers of supplemental Medicare will have different prices. It is always recommended to investigate these major insurers before making a final decision.

Medicare Benefit Plans May Look Better Than They Actually Are

Medicare Benefit Plans May Look Better Than They Actually Are

People aged 65 and over are in many cases included automatically in Medicare. The social security program of Medicare offers primary health insurance for seniors. Medicare however leaves many holes in what it provides and actually pays. To request additional medical services, such as prescription drugs or home care services, additional Medicare policies at be added to cover the uninsured costs of a primary Medicare policy. Another way for seniors to dislike private insurance companies is to take out a Medicare Advantage policy that is proving to be a bad idea in many situations.

Medicare Advantage policies are health policy options offered by private companies and are approved by Medicare. They offer all the benefits of Medicare Parts A and B. They seem a breeze when it comes to providing a complete safety net for medical coverage. However, they have several disadvantages that may not be highlighted on the surface. Unlike additional Medicare plans, which can be chosen to meet certain needs, the initial Medicare Assistance Policy was not insured, a Medicare Advantage policy offers the same features as the Original Medicare with additional features. The problems with Medicare Advantage policies are that they provide some of the benefits that the original Medicare insurance does in a different way.

An example of how a Medicare Advantage policy could guarantee a person to look like this: a lower rate of medical exams that could offset a reduction in insurance for skilled care centers. The general image of a Medicare Advantage plan for its target audience is that it is too beautiful to be true because it really is. Private insurance companies are making huge profits selling Advantage policies and insurance agents are pushing them toward seniors in hopes of earning more. Of course, not all insurance brokers are sincere; every industry has its bad eggs. However, there are several reports of insurance agents encouraging their clients to take out Medicare Advantage policies in hopes of earning an extra salary.

The general lack of benefits offered by Medicare Advantage does not mean that seniors do not have the opportunity to receive external support. A Medicare integration policy allows seniors to choose the plan that meets their needs, such as: nursing or prescription drugs, to save money instead of wasting it. Another good news about other Medicare policies is that they can be bought and compared at the best price. For the elderly, it is particularly important to research and compare policy options to ensure that every penny spent is a wise decision. If you have a pre-existing medical condition, you will have the best chance of taking out low cost insurance if you register during the opening period, for example if you are 65 years old. At open enrollment, the costs of Medicare Supplemental Insurance cannot be increased due to your medical history. In addition, it is known that Medicare Advantage or MA plans accept all pre-existing conditions other than kidney failure.